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Walle Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty - Super Sticky Adhesive Tape Strips - Multipurpose Double Sided Mounting Tape for Home, Kitchen, Office Use

  • MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION: A double sided tape that gives an exceptionally heavy and stable bond that supports a broad range of surfaces such as Metal, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Brick, Ceramic, Glass, Stone and even coated surfaces. Not only will it secure your stuff, it will also grant a visually pleasing finish. Quality that sticks, in form and function!
  • FAST AND SAFE INSTALLATION: Prepared and packaged for a painless and worry-free use, unpack it and apply for a quick and reliable solution to all your bonding needs, from household, office to non-commercial use. Trim the mount adhesive tape with ease and comfort knowing that your task is solved.
  • VISUALLY USEFUL: Not only was function kept in mind when Walle Tape was made, visual result was also taken care for this double sided tape so your completed bonds not only seal, it also looks Wow! Have your results all looking professional and refined.
  • LONG TERM USE: Not all the time would you be using Walle Tape so it was taken into consideration that our this double sided tape will last a long time when stored and kept properly for future use. So, go ahead and take your time, Walle Tape got your bonds for you!
  • EXTREME BONDING POWER: Great things come in small packages, Walle Tape’s bonding heavy strength of over 10lbs or 4Kgs will have your bulky picture frames up on your wall with worry-free guarantee. Ideal for use in different situations from appliance, electronics, construction, entertainment and industrial purposes.